Monday, October 02, 2006


Dusty has been missing from Austin Street in Somerville--last seen at the end of August. Dusty is Semi-Feral.

Name: Dusty
Age: 2-3 years old
Type: Domestic American Shorthair Tricolor Calico
--Bright yellow eyes. White stripe down bridge of nose. Black nose, tan chin with black splotches. Black toe-pads on feet. White chest and belly. Black and tan patches on back. Tan “elbow patches” on front and back legs. Tip of tail is black.
--Dusty is spayed, No collar, not chipped.
--Skittish of most people--Dusty is Semi-Feral.

Dusty ran Away From Home on: 07/15/06. She was last Seen: 08/31/06 on Austin Street, East Somerville in between houses 5,6 and 8

Dusty has a habit of running away whenever a door or window is open for too long. Normally she stays close to home and we always see her around the neighborhood---(from Sullivan Square to Stop & Shop) but we haven’t seen her in the neighborhood at all with the exception of that afternoon on 8/31/06. We are worried that she left the neighborhood or has been adopted by another family.

Please contact Mike or Carol at 617-776-0323 or email Carol at if you have seen this cat so we know where to look for her. If Dusty is your cat, please let us know. We only want her to be happy and safe.

Friday, September 22, 2006

LOST CAT: Timmy (Henshaw Street-West Newton)

Timmy has been missing since Wednesday night, 9/20 from Henshaw Street in
West Newton.

Name: Timmy
--Indoor cat only
--5 year old healthy grey tiger short hair
--Very gentle and probably quite timid with strangers
--He knows that 5 whistles, 4 fast and one long means food has just become available
--Meow is more like a squeak than a meow

Timmy is very much missed--please contact Phil on his cell: 617-548-6683 or by email at if you have seen or have any information about Timmy.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

LOST CAT: Dagmar

Wonderful news! A member who saw Dagmar's picture and description on the blog/email recognized him as an apparent stray coming for dinner at her feral cat feeding station! Dagmar is safe and sound at home! .

Dagmar has been missing since September 9 from Chester/Orchard St. in the Davis Square area

Name: Dagmar
--Multi-colored neutered Maine Coon
--White paws and white under chin
--Very friendly
--No collar

If you have any information about Dagmar, please contact Darcey at (617) 666-0551 [h] or (617) 470-7477 [c] -- or email Darcey at or

Friday, September 08, 2006

LOST CAT: Trouble (Cambridge/Somerville Line)

Missing since Friday evening, Sept. 1. from Skehan Street, Somerville
Thank you to all the members who assisted in looking for Trouble. Sadly, she was found in a nearby neighbor's yard. She looked like she was asleep under a bush, but she had in fact passed away. Her family is grateful for all the support you have shown during Trouble's disappearance.

Name: Trouble
18 year old spayed female Maine Coon
long, silky, brown & black w/some yellow
13 pounds
Wearing red/purple cotton collar w/ green cat-door key

Trouble is old, and is sometimes weak and disoriented. She has a sweet disposition & may come to you & even let you pick her up.

Her family is especially worried about her disappearance due to her bad health. Please check your sheds and back yards - equally important if she’s no longer living-if you've found her, please do not call the DPW! Call her family (Kate) at 617-776-8219 or email at if you have any information about Trouble.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

LOST CAT: Georgie (Semi-Feral from Davis Square Area)

Georgie is back at home safe and sound with Tom! What an adventure!

Georgie jumped out of his owner's 3rd floor window and ran off. His owner, Tom, was in the process of moving on June 29 and Georgie was spooked by the moving guys (after already being stressed).

Tom adopted Georgie a year and a half ago from a feral litter, so he is partially socialized but he is not the type of cat who will come too close to people. Tom has set a trap near his old apartment with the hopes that Georgie will come back there.


Grey/brown tiger
Semi-Feral, lean

If you see Georgie, please contact Tom Hanna at (617) 312-8095 or at and he will move the trap to the location where Georgie has been seen. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

LOST CAT: Speedy (Orange Maine Coon--Wareham)

Speedy went missing Monday, May 16 from Swifts Beach Road in Wareham, off Rte. Speedy is still missing as of September 16, 2006.

Name: Speedy
Description:--Orange Maine Coon with white around his eyes and on his chest (curly hair around
his ears)--his coat is medium length
--9 months old, neutered

He is missed very much by his family--PLEASE call April at 508-273-9921 or email her at if you have spotted Speedy or have any information about him.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

LOST CAT: Azra'il (Josephine Avenue, Somerville)

Azra'il came back home--thin but okay--and is safe and sound with her family...a happy ending!

Last seen May 30 near Ball Square--Lost from Josephine Avenue (close to where Mystic was lost).

Name: Azra'il


--Female gray tortoiseshell
--Approx. 9 lbs.
--Green eyes
--Timid but responds to "kitty kitty"
--Food motivated!!
--No collar

Azra'il is an indoor only kitty and is probably a little overwhelmed.
Please look in your garage, under your porch, etc. She might be hiding
somewhere. She can be bribed with food or catnip, and it would be best to pick her up by her scruff since she will be scared.

Please call Emily at (508) 395-5088 with ANY information or sightings.
Her feline and human companions miss her like crazy. Her home is 87 Josephine Avenue, Apartment #1